On April 28th, Blue Ribbon Farm hosted yet another clinic with the wonderful Lendon Gray. 

775322_nAs a toddler in Maine, Lendon Gray was riding a horse with her mother before she could walk. She grew up riding western, hunt seat, bareback, playing gymkhana games, driving and generally having fun riding and caring for horses. Pony Club played the central role in her life from age 7 through her twenties. During that time she also trained with the Olympic Three Day Team.

At 27 Lendon started to specialize in Dressage and at the same time Seldom Seen the first of her famous Dressage “ponies” came into her life. At 14.2 plus he was national champion at 3rd, 4th level, Prix St. George’s, Intermediare 1 and 2, and Grand Prix.

Although Lendon rode warmbloods in her two Olympics, the world Championships, and the World Cup her ponies held a special place in her heart. They proved to the world the bigger isn’t necessarily better. This experience also gave Lendon direction to encourage those without the fanciest horses, trainers, greatest opportunities to be “the best that you can be”.

As always, I had fun lessons at Blue Ribbon Farm, but the treat was teaching 8 year old Maddy on D4K’s Shazam – thank you Asia for donating Shazam so he can bring up another great pony rider.